Photo of Bubble Room one of the restaurants in Captiva Villas is a short walk from Captiva South Seas Beach Villa 2112
Walk to the Bubble Room restaurant at 4 way stop Captiva Village from Beach Villa 2112 vacation rentral
Key Lime Bistro  in Captiva Village is a romantic walk from Captiva South Seas Beach Villa 2112
Mucky Duck photo is a short walk along the beach from Captiva South Seas Beach Villa 2112
The Mucky Duck restaurant has been a popular restaurant in
Captiva Village since the 1970's. Located on Captiva beach, the
Mucky Duck is a short, romantic walk along the beach from Captiva
South Seas Beach Villas 2112.

Captiva Village is home to several other restaurants, including
Lime Bistro, RC Otters, and The Bubble Room. Two of our favorite
restaurants are RC Otters and Key Lime Bistro, both of which
provide indoor and outdoor dining plus live music daily during season.

The Bubble Room is filled with an eclectic collection of memorabilia  
from childhoods past and is a great place to take the kids for lunch.
Beware, it's hard to leave the Bubble Room without sampling a piece
of their award-winning cakes!!
Captiva Village Restaurants
R C Otters in Captiva Village is my favorite restaurant in Captiva Village.
Located in Captiva Village, the Key Lime Bistro restaurant is within easy walking
distance of our Captiva Beach Villa.  Arguabl
y the best key lime pie on Captiva
  Captiva Beachfront Vacation Rental Beach Villa 2112
South Seas Island Resort
Captiva South   
Seas Vacation  
Beach Villa 2112
South Seas Isl
and Resort on
Captiva Island Florida
is a 1
bedroom Beachfront Condo
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Vacation Rentals by Owner  
Sanibel and Captiva  vacation rentals range from  hotel accommodations and
beachfront condos to private estate homes.  

Captiva South Seas Beach Villa 2112  is a 1 bedroom beachfront condo at South Seas
Island Resort on the northern tip of Captiva  Island,  Florida.  Our guests tend to be
couples looking for a  romantic  beachfront vacation within easy walking distance to
the restaurants and shops in the Village.

We'd love to have you as guests. What Captiva South Seas Island location could be
more perfect for a honeymoon or special vacation holiday?